How Your Business Can Use DTP in 2019

How Your Business Can Use DTP in 2019


Desktop Publishing (DTP), sometimes called typesetting, is one of the language services clients are choosing more often in 2019 and is predicted to remain strong for years to come. DTP refers to a method of creating digital forms of traditionally printed materials, like newsletters and magazines to make it easier to communicate new information with your audience. Businesses are making greater use of the versatile service to save effort, time and money in more ways in 2019 and in upcoming years. The following are just 8 of the many ways your business can benefit from this service regardless of its industry, location, language, target audience or size.


Common Ways to Use DTP

1. Talk to email subscribers and potential clients

Use desktop publishing strategies as an informative means that lets you send newsletters, brochures, magazines and flyers that communicate to your email subscribers.

2. Certificates

Whether you are giving a one-time workshop about publishing e-books or a 4-week online course about business marketing, giving students certificates of completion gives them material evidence of their accomplishment. Depending on your translated language, the certificate can be developed in RTL typesetting or LTR typesetting formats.

3. Save time and money Getting printed or digital magazines, business cards, pamphlets, and marketing materials

made by an experienced LSP can save you up to half the cost of traditional printing and doesn’t require more than a phone call or two. Livewire predicts an increasing need for quality DTP for business websites and business marketing across industries.

4. Social Media Campaigns

Since visuals accompanied by attention-grabbing relevant text (in the appropriate target language) have been shown to be get more hits, DTP graphics can make any social media campaign better and more likely to grab the attention of potential customers and clients.

5. Developing legal documents DTP is essential for creating customized legal documents

like agreements and contracts and makes publishing these documents in a translated language easier. A DTP professional would create the customized page layout you need and insert the translated language.

6. In-House correspondence material

Regardless of the size or location of your company, you need to hire employees and correspond with them regularly. DTP services offer you a chance to customize RTL or LTR language templates, hiring forms, job applications, memos, meeting minutes, planners, universal letterhead and so much more that will give your company a more professional image.

7. Customize uniform designs

The best thing about desktop publishing is that it allows you to design anything in any language you choose. An expert language service agency can create customized uniform logos or designs relevant to your business in the language of your choice.

8. Training materials

A language service provider (LSP) that offers desktop publishing and typesetting services can take work manuals, guides or workbooks written in one language and translate them into your target language while keeping the existing format and graphic designs.

DTP professionals at The TransHome have years of experience using various desktop publishing and translation software that is compatible with Windows and Mac platforms. These programs including:

  • Catalyst
  • Passalo
  • SDL Insight

Compatible Translation Software:

  • Trados
  • SDLX
  • Transit
  • DejaVu

We have language specialists who can translate your content into more than 120 languages for any DTP project you need. These language professionals work closely with your assigned project manager to produce quality DTP projects within your required timeframe. You are free to review your project and request any alterations you feel are needed. We understand that sometimes a new idea might come to you after you put in your order. For major alterations, we have set up a complete customer services department and sales department and have several project managers each with a different field of experience to assign to your projects accordingly.


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