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Are you Looking for professional Interpretation Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi? Contact TransHome the Leader Interpretation Companies in Dubai, and the Main region. We at TransHome have professional interpreters for over 120 languages, TransHome is a Dubai-based Language Services Provider operating in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and beyond.

The demand for Interpretation Services of different types has been steadily increasing because it grants instant and effective lingual solutions and removes language barriers in a business environment.

TransHome guarantees your business event or conference go smoothly as possible. TransHome offers professional Interpretation Services in Dubai in a variety of ways for your unique business needs.  We at TransHome are aware that the Interpreter must have advanced linguistics skills and abilities, and have a talent for keeping a good pace of interpretation. 

Interpretation Services in Dubai, TransHome, UAE

TransHome Interpretation Services for all interpretation types that include, Simultaneous interpretation and Consecutive Interpretation to Video Remote Interpreting Services.

Simultaneous Interpreting Services

Simultaneous interpreting means interpretation services into the new language at the same time that the original language is spoken and is a great benefit to provide to event visitors.

It is challenging to provide an oral translation of the new language in a way that preserves its meaning and keeps tone and speed consistent with original speech. Not to mention, the interpreter needs to be able to operate and troubleshoot all interpreting services equipment.

Telephone Interpreting Services

Telephone interpreting has become a convenient means of breaking language barriers for countless situations that are not limited to business conferences or telephone meetings. Rather, a business traveler should be in contact with a telephone interpreting services agency to facilitate business communication in the new country. This is just one of the interpretation services modern business travelers and expatriates used to make sure that there is no language barrier to hinder their trip.

Many business professionals and entrepreneurs choose comprehensive teamwork and file-sharing applications and software to finish shared tasks, however, this does not cancel the need for face-to-face meetings provided by interpreting agencies.

Video Remote Interpreting services

TransHome team members embrace technology in their personal and professional lives so you are receiving a tech-driven service from language and interpretation services experts who believe in the value of remote meetings.  Two of the strongest business trends for interpreting agencies are outsourcing services and hiring employees to work remotely. These flexible means of getting the job done have led to a need for a way to communicate and collaborate with an offsite team or service provider remotely. This video remote interpreting service gives your business the freedom to expand into a global market through networking and managing teams anywhere in the world.

Conference Interpreting Services

Collaboration, whether live or digital, will always be at the center of any business’s success with companies across industries expanding their collaborative efforts to include traditional and modern channels leading to a greater need for conference interpreting services. Some prefer collaborating using readily available digital collaboration tools, like Google Hangouts and Zoom. Due to more flexible visa requirements, it is likely to have participants in a conference who speak different languages. Choose from interpretation services the right service for your meeting, meanwhile conference interpreting can be simultaneous or consecutive.

Consecutive Interpreting Services

TransHome among all interpreting agencies makes every effort to bring you all the interpretation services you need all in one place. During consecutive interpreting, a professional interpreter attends the meeting, event, or interview with you and may use small audio equipment to relate the original language to your language after the speaker is finished. This happens when the interpreter (usually seated next to you or in a translation booth) listens carefully to the speaker and then interprets the speech every minute or two. Your project manager will work with you and will remain available to answer questions or address concerns. Consecutive interpretation is also popular for court, mediation, or arbitration hearings.

Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment Rental

When you contact us for interpretation services, our project manager will match you with the appropriate language specialist and discuss the simultaneous interpreting equipment rental you will need. TransHome manages a variety of audio and visual equipment that ensures your interpreting services team has an easy, problem-free time verbally translating speech quickly and accurately. Equipment rental is available upon demand. You will find that our tech team and all those authorized to access these tools have been trained in their correct usage. Simultaneous interpreting equipment rental is available throughout the week and you will need to contact one of the local TransHome offices to request equipment for lease and/or specialized interpreters.

We do not want you or your participants to miss a beat and do our best to use the latest technology hardware and software to make sure your event is interpreted without a hitch. Each piece of equipment is stored and maintained carefully to preserve its life and keep it functioning optimally every time. Additionally, our interpreters are trained in how to use all interpretation services equipment regardless of its complexity.

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