TransHome Provides Interpretation AND Leases Interpretation Equipment

Your business event or conference needs expert interpreters as well as specialized equipment. Fortunately, you can find both in one place. Your project manager will discuss the appropriate language services needed for the event then suggest the equipment that would benefit all of your attendees. TransHome carries a number of audio, visual, and specialized interpretation equipment that you can lease affordably and without any unnecessary hassles.

Skilled Teams Keep Quality Equipment in Top Condition for Clients and Guests

Our team keeps and maintains the latest interpretation tools and equipment. Professional interpreters are trained on how to use the required specialized equipment that includes FM and infrared digital transmitters and receivers for transmitting crystal clear sound. Your participants will stay engaged without missing any parts of speeches or lectures. Soundproof booths are also used to ensure the highest quality of noise-free sound is exchanged during the event.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Focus at TransHome for Your Events

A prompt and knowledgeable tech team is available to handle any needed repairs or adjustments and to answer your questions and concerns if needed. An expert tech team is a central part of our efforts to maintain each piece of specialized equipment for various events that depend on their correct functioning.

Interpretation Tools and Practical Equipment to Ensure Conferences Run Smoothly

The interpretation equipment is portable and as compact as possible for its purpose to ensure that your interpretation team can move it easily and quickly when needed. You will find that the equipment works as efficiently as live interpreters.

TransHome’s selection of auditory, visual, and interpretation equipment for large gatherings include the following:

● Soundproof interpretation cabins
● Wireless speakers
● Wireless and fixed microphones
● Podiums
● Sound Mixers
● Display screens of various sizes
● And more

Call Our TransHome Experienced Professionals and Start Planning Your Business or Not For Profit Event Today!

Your project manager will walk you through the leasing process. TransHome promises no surprise costs. We want you to feel taken care of because we know that countless tasks go into planning and carrying out a successful event. Let TransHome help you run the day smoothly.