Our History

Driven by Clients’ Demands for Our Services and Innate Ambition

We did not always offer certified translation services in Dubai! Read on to find out how we became a top language service provider that offers legal translation in Dubai and other international locations and how you and our natural ambition helped us become what we are today.

Our journey started in February of the year 2002 and promised to be a long one.  A group of innovative translators and language experts decided to run a small venture in Cairo.

 With the strong belief that translation services in Cairo were necessary for the world of business. As a new language service provider,  we provided translation services for paper-based and digital content though not to the extent that we are able to offer it today.

Client demand for certified translation and Arabic into English translation services as well as other language services was evident from day one. Clients appreciated our responsiveness, and ability to work with their schedules and fulfill our promise of quality knowing exactly when their documents would be ready.

Additionally, it was also valuable for business owners to work with a translation agency in Cairo that offered affordable rates for accurate translation services and having their finished documents hand-delivered to their location.

When life pushes you to take bigger steps, you need to take them

Faced with a growing number of client requests for various translation and localization solutions, including Arabic into English translation services, and other language services, like website, and copywriting.

TransHome decided to do something that was somewhat an unpopular option at the time. We hired freelance professionals and predicted that this outsourcing to freelancers would become a norm in coming years (and it did).

All freelance hires were tested to verify language skills, abilities, and cultural competence in their language specialization. Why cultural competence? We will get to that in a bit.

All freelance and in-house hires were required to sign rigorous confidentiality agreements which served to protect client information whether that client needed legal translation in Cairo or patenting for intellectual property (IP).

These privacy procedures enable us to provide professional-quality legal translation in Cairo as well as legal translation in Dubai.

When clients realized that their growing demands were being met, our excellent reputation continued to grow along with our network.

Life Says, Move up… Again

By May 2005, TransHome had built an extensive list of clients ranging from business executives, entrepreneurs, and individuals to embassies and other government agencies, including U.S. and Australian embassies.

We continued to offer certified translation services and now offered a greater range of digital content and media services translation as well as additional language choices since hiring more freelance and in-house language experts.

Our excellent relationships with government agencies around the world and a large number of existing international clients encouraged us to start another office in Dubai, a city known as a business center, and in November of 2011, we opened the door to our new global branch in the city.

TransHome as a Legal Translation Agency continues to offer Translation in Cairo, and other regions in UAE, Egypt, and Kuwait.

Cultural Competence, Values Backed by Obvious Action

One of the values we have always stood by and that influences our company slogan is that language services should aim to connect cultures.

Translation whether Arabic into English translation or Russian into Spanish interpretation needs to be targeted toward real people and real people who come from different cultures.

Our belief that translation is about more than translating words and that translation services should help bridge cultures is one of the basic factors that makes us an incomparable translation services agency.

Cultural competence had played a big role in legal translation services in Cairo and legal translation services in Dubai even before our next move to expand our certified translation services in Dubai.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race… and Stays in Business

Now with over 20 years of experience in the translation and localization industry, TransHome continues to offer legal translation services in Dubai, legal translation services in Cairo, a variety of certified translation services in Dubai and manages the translation agency in Cairo.

We know that our natural ambition, confidence, and growing client demand for our services will lead us to open other offices in other regions around the world. Feel free to read our Vision Statement to get an idea of where we are “looking” to go.