APP Localization Services 

APP Localization solutions are a way to reach new customers from a new market and country. TransHome app Localization services are the solution for global expansion. We at TransHome not only translate your app, but we also look at each aspect. That includes user experience and technical testing.

We give your app a friendly and native look to the target audience… we help you to launch your app globally.

Application Stores are stuffed with various applications of all sorts; but on the other side, not every application is suited to all markets and cultures.

your app needs to be accurately localized to be suitable for new target segments.

APP Localization Services in Dubai, UAE, TransHome APP Localization Services

Professional APP Localization Services in Dubai

TransHome provides professional and accurate APP Localization Services in Dubai and The Middle East.

APP localization services are a complex process than just translating app content from the target language to another language.

APP Localization needs different specializations and various skillsets:

❖  Translators. Our translators at TransHome have years of practical experience translating to and from their language specializations while keeping the corresponding cultures in mind when trying to preserve your meaning in the new localized app.

❖  Marketing. The marketing department is focused on your goals as the application owner. Depending on if you want to sell a service or product or bring awareness to a cause, the marketing professional will work to ensure that your message is kept constant in the finished project.

❖  IT. All language and customer service professionals have mastered various software and hardware that lets us translate up to 12,000 words every day and use modern online tools to ensure app usability in the new market.

❖ Editing and proofreading each project is reviewed, edited, and proofread several times by human quality-assurance agents to supplement the use of artificial intelligence, like computer-assisted translation tools, to triple the speed of project completion. 

TransHome gained profound experiences in a wide array of industries.

For example but not limited to:

  • IOS Mobile Application Localization
  • Android Application Localization
  • Windows Phone Mobile Localization.
  • Blackberry Application Localization.
  • Desktop Application Localization.
  • Mobile Game Localization Services.

Contact TransHome a Professional Translation Services in Dubai, and get accurate APP Localization Services in Dubai and The Middle East.