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We are a top Translation Services Provider started as a Legal Translation Office in Dubai and continue to offer legal translation services in Dubai and The Middle East. for over 120 languages. including English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Arabic translations. Your project goes through computer-assisted translation software and is then reviewed, edited, and proofread closely by several quality assurance language professionals.

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Accurate Legal Translation Services

TransHome provides top-notch legal document translation that meets the highest international standards. TransHome works with a large team of in-house legal translators in addition to many connections to external resources for all of the languages we handle. We carefully choose our team of translators, they have in-depth knowledge of a variety of legal documents.

TransHome Guarantees your document confidentiality, every linguist, in-house or remote, is required to review and agree to the company’s strict confidentiality policies and proper procedures. This gives clients a real sense of security and confidence in sending us personal or sensitive business information.

Moreover, an expert project manager will be assigned to handle only your project and will gather and assign the required resources to you at a time. This guarantees that your project is finished within a strict deadline.

Handling all Document Formats!

Whatever the type of legal document you need, we have the experience needed to work with your project. We also have an expert who can work with all types of electronic file extensions and convert them rightly to readable files for translating and translation.

Certified Legal Translation Company in Dubai:

Our legal translation company is accredited by all embassies and government entities in UAE, we provide certified legal interpreters for court meetings and notaries.

Types of legal documents that need Legal Translation Services:

  • Contracts and Legal Agreements Translation Service
  • Arbitration Documents Translation Services
  • Insurance Claims Translation Service
  • Birth, Marriage, Divorce, and Death Certificates Translation Services
  • Regulations and Laws Translation
  • Memorandum of Understanding Translation
  • Investment Journals Translation

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