Dubbing Services

Today’s audiences are affected by videos and films that use modern visual effects making digital video dubbing and video translation more in demand than ever.

You can keep your customers and attract a wider audience around the globe by helping them make sense of the visual effects and answer your call to action quickly. Use dubbing services and other multimedia translation services to make your multimedia go further. We can translate and dubbing long instructional videos as needed including foreign films for teaching purposes or online classes.

Dubbing is considered to be the most popular language-related service in the cinema and television industries. Dubbing services are the art of adapting the languages of produced visual materials into the target audience’s language.

Dubbing Services in Dubai, UAE, TransHome

Dubbing Services in Dubai with TransHome

We at TransHome believe that dubbing services more than adapting the visual content into the target language, The dubbing process starts with transcribing the video into written content and translating it into the target language, Then using studio voice recording to complete sound syncing processes.

It’s about making the final content adapted to the target language appear as it’s written in the audience’s native language.

TransHome offers top-notch quality dubbing services in Dubai and the Middle East. in over 120 languages, including languages that are the native languages of European, Asian, or Middle Eastern countries.

Besides the actual translation and recording of dubbed audio, adaptation is crucial to ensure your content is localized accurately to the target language.

TransHome chooses carefully the highest quality linguists who have deep knowledge in different cultural aspects,  to translate dubbing script accurately.

So you are receiving a high-quality finished project from a very dedicated expert team of professionals.

Contact TransHome and ask for our Professional Dubbing Services in Dubai and The Middle East. or call us at 971522413311, 97145531427.