Event Management Services from TransHome make you don’t worry about the numerous preparations that go into managing your business event or conference. Call TransHome with your ideas for any event, conference, fair, or exhibition anywhere in the country and we will reserve a location for the event and arrange for any and all required equipment.


Event Management Services

We have event managers who will collaborate with the appropriate service providers to make sure your space has all the necessary seating, sound systems, participant conveniences, snacks, beverages, sign-in tables, and whatever else you tell us you need. Our job is to help make your day run smoothly.

Events TransHome Manages

  • Training or Professional Development Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Awareness-Building Events
  • Lectures
  • On-going events
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Awards Nights
  • Guest Speaking Events
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • Retirement Parties
  • And others, just ask

Event Management Services from TransHome :

Call us, send an email or jot down a quick message on Facebook or LinkedIn for a reply within minutes. Team members are also available after office hours, on weekends, and during holidays. We will be there to hear your ideas and help you make them a reality.

Tell us if you need interpretation for your event, audio or visual equipment, or want to create marketing materials to promote your brand or advertise your event.

Translate flyers, brochures, workbooks, booklets, awards, digital material, video scripts, and more. We employ some of the best linguists in the country who specialize in more than 120 languages and use the latest CAT tools along with an air-tight quality assurance system to ensure accuracy and timely completion of all support material before your event.

Have you considered sending professionally-made and customized event invitations as part of an email campaign or a catchy social media advertisement? Would looking into our affordable Desktop Publishing Services attract more support?

Our clients say, Yes!