Transcription Services in Dubai

TransHome offers all language services including several multimedia services as a Professional Transcription Company in Dubai, and the Middle East such as medical transcription, lecture transcription, and a variety of other audio transcription services at affordable prices.

Transcription Services in Dubai, UAE, TransHome

When you send a video or audio recording to have transcribed, our project manager with experience working at TransHome transcript Translation Services providers reviews your instructions then assign them to the appropriate language specialist as well as an IT tech who first creates a written script of the video or audio in the original language (verbatim transcription) then translates it if you request translation or go on to reviewing, proofreading, and quality assurance (includes time-coding) if you do not.

Transcript Translation Services in Dubai

TransHome guarantees you get accurate transcription services, Providing high-quality transcription is a long process that involves several specialists.

There is a reason why the founders of TransHome built several specialized departments and hired the best professionals in their field to run them. Our team includes IT and software professionals, translators, reviewers, editors, and quality control experts. This ensures that your transcripts are accurate and complete with correct time stamps as needed.

TransHome using the advantages of updated technology

All language specialists have mastered the use of up-to-date computer-assisted translation tools and hi-tech audio equipment. These CAT tools and AI methods are used for a few reasons, the first of which is to speed up the voice-to-text process allowing us to transcribe lengthy videos and audios very quickly. Your final project will be time-coded to the second whether you want the transcription translated into a new language or not.
TransHome as a Transcription Company in Dubai has years of experience providing various kinds and styles of transcription services, including:

  • Medical Transcriptions
  • Video Transcriptions
  • Verbatim Transcriptions
  • Legal Transcription
  • Event Transcription (Speech Transcription)
  • Edited Transcription (upon request)
  • Intelligent Transcription (Grammar-Focused)
  • Educational Lecture Transcription

Start profiting from your video or podcast on a much larger scale. Is there a video or audio you need transcription services for work or leisure? Contact TransHome Transcription Company in Dubai Immediately.