E-Learning Localization Services

E-learning localization services are the power of the Learning Process. which supports development all the time. and develops following the development of technology.

This has assisted many universities, government bodies, and organizations around the globe to use this technique to spread the learning benefits and attract different students from various countries around the globe.

E-Learning Localization Services in Dubai, UAE, TransHome

Professional E-Learning Services in Dubai and Mena Region

TransHome offers an E-Learning localization service according to the linguistic and cultural aspects of the target audience.

TransHome offers E-Learning localization either from English to Arabic or from English to African, Asian, and Middle Eastern Languages in addition to professional localization services to the graphics, layout, and content of the material according to the cultural aspects of the target language.

E-Learning appears in a variety of forms, from a video to interactive exams and assessments. The most elements that demand localization and translation are the following:

  • Written content
  • Graphics
  • User Experience elements (e.g. navigation buttons)
  • Audio and video
  • Formatting (e.g. date formats)

E-learning localization requires deep knowledge and analysis of the latest technologies used in each field. Besides, TransHome has teams of linguists (Translators, Editors, Proofreaders, QA, and DTP Specialists) who keep themselves updated with the latest technology.

TransHome has a wide array of experience in providing localization services, but not limited to

  • Computer-based Training Localization Services
  • Virtual Classrooms Localization Services
  • Web-Conferencing Localization Services
  • Web-based Training Localization Services
  • Discussion Forums Localization Services
  • Certification and Assessment Programs Localization Services
  • Graphics Localization Services.
  • Content Management Systems Localization Services
  • Coaching activities Localization Services
  • Manager sign-offs and certifications Localization
  • PowerPoint and Multimedia Presentations Localizations.
  • Student Materials Localization.
  • New Employee Orientation Localization Services.

Localize your E-Learning content to drive a global audience. TransHome provides E-learning localization solutions for the global impact at competitive prices with strict deadlines.

Contact TransHome and ask for our professional E-Learning Localization Services in Dubai and The Mena Region.