All About Google Translation

All About Google Translation

Free Online Translation 


Need a quick (and brief) translation,

According to the Washington Post, this online language tool is getting more accurate in translating 5,000-character excerpts. This is equal to about 5 or 6 sentences. The 10-year old feature is great for translating several languages but can still be more accurate while translating others.

When you are traveling for business or pleasure,

Take the online tool with you and use it anywhere in the world for an instant, relatively general, translations. Download the application and use it right from your smartphone anywhere you have a good internet connection.

If your budget is a work in progress,

There may be a time when your translation budget really cannot handle any Translation Services fees. Here you might consider the extra time it takes to copy, paste, and edit short excerpts a good investment.

If you have some experience using the target language,

Google Translate is one of the easiest online tools to use across age groups and business industries, however many finished translations were found to have several missing words or awkward phrasing making it imperative to have at least some knowledge of the new language.


Hire a Professional


Need a global project translated for a target audience,

Imagine translating your entire project one short paragraph at a time. Not to mention, you will need to copy and paste every 5 to 6 sentences into the online tool, copy and paste the translation into a new document and finally edit for language accuracy and meaning for the new audience. If this is all the translation you need in a language you are familiar with, go for it.

Your original document contains personal or secure information,

Like with all online tools and correspondence, consider not inputting secure information into the fields. Professional translators are held to a strict code of confidentiality and are trained to handle sensitive information with care.

There are several top translation companies that provide a surprisingly affordable translation,

If your translation project will take time away from other important tasks, do not despair because of a low budget. Shop around for a Professional Translation Office in UAE  to ensure that large projects and longer reports get translated accurately and in a lot less time.

If your work, especially global marketing projects, would be more effective with native language translation,

Translation companies are known for their preference of hiring native speakers with at least some cultural knowledge this ensures translation transparency in the new language and has farther reaching benefits for your brand, including helping to increase website traffic and generate leads.


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