Arabic Translation in Dubai

Arabic Translation in Dubai

Do you need Arabic Translation in Dubai?

TransHome provides professional Arabic translation services in many areas of expertise such as Legal, Medical, and Human Resources, Marketing & Advertising, Software, Apps, Websites, and Translation and Localization Services in UAE.

We have a network of more than 3,000 native professional linguists who provide accurate and specialized Arabic translation services in all its styles and dialects.

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Facts about the Arabic Language

Since Arabic is the predominant language that is officially spoken in twenty-two countries in North Africa and Asia, there are more than 350 million people who speak Arabic as their first language.

It is the liturgical language of Islam as well as, it is the language of its Holy Book “Al-Qur’an”.

The Arabic language is quite different from the European and Asian languages. It has unique characteristics as it is written from right to left (RTL), dates and times differ as well.

The Arabic language has many varieties and dialects such as Egyptian Arabic, Moroccan Arabic, and Algerian Arabic, Levantine Arabic Iraqi, and Gulf Arabic (Khaliji Arabic). 

Accurate, native, and innovative Arabic Translation in Dubai

Many companies sought free translation and localization services however, this was not a wise decision because free translation tools or software can provide poor and inaccurate meaning that certainly causes disasters.

We recommend ordering our professional Arabic translation services in order to get accurate, precise, and specialized Arabic translation services.

Our innovative English into Arabic translation services ensures your message is correctly conveyed without losing the original meaning. In addition to our innovative language solutions that add real value to the required content for translation.

Arabic Translation in Dubai for Business

Several companies across the globe continue to benefit from accurate Arabic translation every hour because Arabic translation services and localization facilitate business communications and link the company to its target audiences.

The demand for Arabic document translation and localization services has increased tremendously in recent years due to the large foreign investments and the diversity of the cultures in this region.

TransHome is the Best Localization Company in Dubai provides specialized Arabic translation services to several industries.

Arabic Translation Company in Dubai

As a professional Legal Translation Agency, and professional Translation Company in Dubai, we provide top-notch quality legal translation services including

  • Contracts and agreements
  • Power of attorneys
  • Memorandum of understandings
  • Laws and regulations Arabic translation
  • Arbitration documents legal translation

We have teams of professional native translators who have profound experiences in providing world-class legal translation services that meet your requirements.

Arabic Financial and Banking Translation Services

We understand the importance of accurate translation for financial translation services, therefore; we have professional English into Arabic financial translators who produce flawless financial translation services.

For financial translation, and localization projects, we assign a native project manager who has strong experience in the Arabic translation market and able to manage your project professionally in order to ensure the desired quality.

We provide professional Arabic document translation in Dubai for all the materials related to finance, banking, and insurance including:

  • Annual Financial Reports
  • Balance Sheets and Statements
  • Bankruptcies
  • Tax Documents
  • Financial Researches
  • E-learning and Training Materials

Arabic Translation in Dubai

TransHome is a large Language Service Provider (LSP) in the MENA region including Dubai – UAE, Cairo -Egypt and Kuwait provides diverse Arabic technical translation services for this area of specialization including Automotive, Engineering, Oil & Gas and Electronics & Appliances translation services.

We provide top-notch technical Arabic document translation to international companies in Dubai and Cairo as well as in the US, Europe, and Asia including:

  • User catalogs and manuals
  • Technical reports
  • System requirement documents
  • Installation guides
  • Specifications, datasheets, and descriptions

Arabic Life Science Translation Services

As a leading Legal Translation Company in Dubai and Cairo, we supply the entire sector with professional medical Arabic translation services in accordance with the international quality standards.

We believe that one translation error can cost human lives, therefore; we pay special attention to medical, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and all the relevant translations to the life science sector.  

Furthermore, we apply rigorous quality procedures in addition; we retain a team of professional doctors and medical translators so that we can ensure 100% accuracy and precision to the Arabic document translations including:

  • Clinical protocols and clinical protocol synopses
  • Study drug labels and drug inserts
  • Study drug labels and drug inserts
  • Patient data and reports
  • Case Report Forms (CRF)
  • Medical devices components and software
  • Medical websites and applications

For more inquiries, Contact TransHome Arabic Translation Company in Dubai, and you can order an Online Free Quote or Contact Us.

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